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Germans Beyond Europe

The Penn State Press announces the expanded scope of its Max Kade Research Institute Series, edited by A. Gregg Roeber and Daniel Purdy. This series is an outlet for scholarship that examines the history and culture of German-speaking communities across the globe, from the early modern period to the start of the First World War. The series remains dedicated to publishing scholarship with a focus on German-American networks, and it welcomes the addition of scholarship on German speakers out­side of Europe, whose movements were influenced by migration trends, colonization, war, research, religious missions, trade, and other forces. Editors seek scholarship that explores the historical and cultural depictions of the international networks that connected these communities and the linguistic relations between German and other languages. Books in this series will expand our understanding of the German-speaking diaspora and the worldwide influence of these historic global networks.

Series editors seek manuscripts that examine topics such as German participation in international trade and exploration; the history of German Orientalism; the history of nineteenth-century German colonialism; the transplantation of German culture outside of Europe—to the Americas and elsewhere; anthropological accounts of non-European cultures; Northern European involvement in the slave trade; and the intellectual history of cosmopolitan theory.


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